People and Nature


Clean air and water are a basic right and a necessary resource for the economy, community and future generations.
— Jacqueline Gray Miller

Alabama is a geographically diverse state—covered by mountains, coastal beaches, grassland plains, forests, farms, lakes, and rivers. Residents and visitors benefit from the scenic beauty and natural resources that extend from the Cumberland Plateau to the Tennessee River, the Appalachian Mountains to the Piedmont Uplands, and the Piedmont Plateau to the Coastal Plain.

Alabama’s conservation lands provide spectacular scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation that attract visitors to the state. 

Tourists spend $12.6 billion in Alabama every year.


As the Representative for District 54, I will:

  • Preserve Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust Program (Forever Wild), which since its inception in 1992, has been the only state fund in Alabama dedicated to land conservation.  In fact, every public $1 invested in land conservation through Forever Wild returned $5 in natural goods and services to the state.
  • Support land conservation in forestry and commercial fishing by helping to maintain the working landscapes on which these industries depend. Forestry, agriculture, and related industries in Alabama support 580,000 jobs. These industries represent 22 percent of Alabama’s workforce. In addition, the state's commercial fishing industry landed 26.6 million pounds of seafood in 2015 at a value of over $50.9 million.
  • Create access to parks and conserved lands to increase the physical activity and the health of residents and workers in Alabama. This reduces health care costs related to obesity, which, in Alabama, are estimated to reach between $3.68 billion and $7.5 billion in 2018.

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