Meet Jacqueline Gray Miller

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My dad, a retired veteran, instilled in me the values of hard work and a strong work ethic.  To this day, I still make my bed every morning, I'm a stickler for keeping my word, and I can change my own flat tire in a pinch. My mother, a retired retail manager turned entrepreneur, taught me self-reliance and to prudently manage time and money. As we would clean office buildings after hours, she would encourage my brother and me to get a good education yet never be afraid to work with our hands.

Now that my parents are getting older, I clearly see our responsibility to a maturing generation. A generation that needs quality healthcare, public services, safer neighborhoods, and a strong community of family and friends to ensure that quality of life is the highest it can be in their golden years. I know where I come from, and as your Representative, I will fight to make sure our seniors are given the honor and support they so richly deserve.

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As a professor, it's my honor to have a role in the advancement of smart, thoughtful students in their educational pursuit. To me, nothing is more beautiful than the spirit of an individual who is learning and dreaming big. From Pre K-12 to college, education is essential for dreams to become a reality. I worked hard to put myself through school at Troy State University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). As your Representative, I will fight to make sure children receive a quality education that moves them towards securing good jobs.

Our state and our community are enriched by the natural gifts the Lord has given us, including special open spaces like Ruffner Mountain.  It’s places like Ruffner that cultivates the natural diversity of the people in the district who need a clean, healthy environment to survive. I’m passionate about protecting both people and nature. I know if our basic needs are not met – clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, and a safe place to live – our community can’t grow and prosper.  

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Seeking to create a just and civil society, I am an active member of the HIV Prevention Community Advisory Board at UAB. Recently, I co-led a women’s resource group to  achieve equality in the conservation arena for the world's largest conservation organization. I have served on the Junior Boards of the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation and Childcare Resources. I have also volunteered through Children's Hospital of Birmingham, Junior Achievement, the City of Birmingham Department of Youth Services, Salvation Army, Southside Ball Association, the Jefferson County Family Court Adolescent Mentoring Program, and the United Way of Central Alabama.  

Now I want to serve you. As your State Representative, I will create and actively support legislation that will improve the quality of lives for residents in the areas of education, job opportunities, and healthcare. I will fight for cleaner, safer, and healthier neighborhoods.