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When our children slip through the cracks of our school systems, they often slip through the cracks of society.
— Jacqueline Gray Miller

Please allow me to introduce you to London. A three-year-old budding artist and proficient i-Phone user, London can count past 15 and also find candy I didn't even know I had! Soon, London will start Pre-K which will sharpen her cognitive and emotional growth.

Researchers who study Pre-K education often find that children who have had early experiences of economic scarcity (like me) gain more from these programs than their more advantaged peers. A proud graduate of Alabama State University's Early Childhood Development Center, I can say with certainty their research is spot-on!


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As your Representative, I will support providing high-quality Pre-K to every family in the state that wants to voluntarily enroll their four-year-old.  As an educator, I'm committed not only to promoting educational excellence, but also producing excellence in the classroom among my students. In case you’re wondering, the talented London is the daughter of one of my students; I’m a college professor.