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When our children slip through the cracks of our school systems, they often slip through the cracks of society.
— Jacqueline Gray Miller

Educators have the ability to set children on the right path to lifelong achievement and fulfillment. Our teachers need the institutional and financial support necessary to be successful to expand opportunities for our children.

As a professor, I get to mold young minds. However, by the time many students reach my class in college, they have yet to master grade school basics. Too many children are slipping through the cracks in our education system due to inadequate funding, school resources, and support of our teachers.


As the Representative for District 54, I will:

  • Support a substantial raise for all public education employees.
  • Expand funding and availability of pre-K programs to ensure our children get the early achievement necessary to set them up for success throughout their lives.
  • Advocate for taking immediate steps for making our schools safe, secure and 100% focused on student learning.

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