Elder Care Alabama


We need improved healthcare, long-term services, safer, more accessible neighborhoods for our elderly to thrive.
— Jacqueline Gray Miller

My dad, a retired veteran, instilled in me the values of hard work and a strong ethical behavior.  To this day, I still make my bed every morning, I'm a stickler for keeping my word, and I can change my own flat tire in a pinch.

My mother, a retired retail manager turned entrepreneur, taught me self-reliance and to prudently manage time and money. As we would clean office buildings after hours, she would encourage my brother and me to get a good education yet never be afraid to work with our hands.

Now my parents are getting older, just like many in our community, and they deserve our respect and support throughout their golden years.


      As the Representative for District 54, I will:

      • Add assisted living facilities to the Elderly & Disabled Waiver to improve care and costs. In Alabama, average nursing home costs per month are $5,200. Assisted living facilities save over $2,500 per month per resident.
      • Create legislation dedicated to helping seniors, and those who care for them, find the best solutions to changing care needs.
      • Support commonsense approaches to improved healthcare, long-term care services and programs, and safer, more accessible neighborhoods for our elderly to thrive.

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