Elder Care Alabama


We need improved healthcare, long-term services, safer, more accessible neighborhoods for our elderly to thrive.
— Jacqueline Gray Miller

Our neighbor, Ms. Sarah, a sweet lady with extremely strong hands, would stitch my dresses and allow me to overwater her plants when I was a little girl. She had green rusting chairs on her porch and she would always say, “young ladies cross their legs and respect their elders.” While Ms. Sarah went on to be with the Lord many, many years ago, she planted the seed for my belief in elder care.

Now that my parents are getting older, I clearly see our responsibility to a maturing generation. A generation that needs quality healthcare, public services, safer neighborhoods, and a strong community of family and friends to ensure that their quality of life is the highest it can be in their golden years.

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      As the population of seniors in the U.S. continues to expand, so will the issues related to elder abuse in our country. As your State Representative, my top priorities will include the prevention of elder abuse and advancing elder care.