A Trip Down Memory Lane






I am a proud member of a very large family. A throng of passionate, optimistic aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws. Our unspoken mantra: Family First.


In that spirit, we gathered in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, for a trip down memory lane Saturday, March 3, 2018.  From prayers to laughter to chatting about my run for House of Representatives, District 54, it was a joyous occasion at an extremely important venue, McIntyre Community Center.

McIntyre Community Center sits in-between Gibbs Village, a housing authority complex, and Western Hills, an urban subdivision, both of which I’ve called home. I spent a number of my formative years in Gibbs Village learning the true meaning of love.

Our neighbor, Ms. Sarah, a sweet lady with extremely strong hands, would stitch my dresses and allow me to overwater her plants. She had green rusting chairs on her porch and she would always say, “young ladies cross their legs and respect their elders.”  While Ms. Sarah went on to be with the Lord many, many years ago, she planted the seed for my belief in elder care.

Now that my parents are getting older, I clearly see our responsibility to a maturing generation. A generation that needs quality healthcare, public services, safer neighborhoods, and a strong community of family and friends to ensure that quality of life is the highest it can be in their golden years.





When our family literally crossed the tracks to the Western Hills subdivision, we were once again blessed with the love of kind neighbors.  We lived on Alma Drive, the last street in the neighborhood. Three doors down from the dead-end and roughly a five-minute walk to McIntyre Community Center.

Gloria White and her husband, Al, had the only complete set of encyclopedias on our end of the street and their front door was always open.  It may sound lame but it’s true, those encyclopedias took me around the world. I learned about people, places, and things that inspired me to become an educator and an avid reader. Currently, I’m reading “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.”



As a servant leader, I'm dedicated to enriching the lives of my neighbors, giving a voice to those that have been silenced, and ultimately creating a more just and caring Alabama.  

Seeking to create a just and civil society, I am an active member of the HIV Prevention Community Advisory Board at UAB. Recently, I co-led a women’s resource group to achieve equality in the conservation arena for the world's largest conservation organization, The Nature Conservancy.  I have served on the Junior Boards of the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation and Childcare Resources. Volunteered through Children's Hospital of Birmingham, Junior Achievement, the City of Birmingham Department of Youth Services, Salvation Army, Southside Ball Association, The Jefferson County Family Court Adolescent Mentoring Program, and the United Way of Central Alabama.    

Now I want to serve you.

As your State Representative, I will create and actively support legislation that will improve the quality of lives for residents in the areas of education, job opportunities, and healthcare. I will fight for cleaner, safer, and healthier neighborhoods.  I can’t do it alone; therefore, I’m asking for your support and your vote for me, Jacqueline Gray Miller, House District 54 on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. Thank you.